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Page updated May 21, 2024


Amplify provides a client library that enables you to interact with backend resources such as Amplify Auth.

To sign a user out of your application use the signOut API.

import { signOut } from 'aws-amplify/auth';
await signOut();

You can also sign out users from all devices by performing a global sign-out. This will also invalidate all refresh tokens issued to a user. The user's current access and ID tokens will remain valid on other devices until the refresh token expires (access and ID tokens expire one hour after they are issued).

import { signOut } from 'aws-amplify/auth';
await signOut({ global: true });

Practical Example

import { Amplify } from "aws-amplify"
import { signOut } from "aws-amplify/auth"
import outputs from "../amplify_outputs.json"
export default function App() {
async function handleSignOut() {
await signOut()
return (
<button type="button" onClick={handleSignOut}>
Sign out