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Page updated May 17, 2024


Amplify provides a client library that enables you to interact with backend resources such as Amplify Auth.

The quickest way to get started with Amplify Auth in your frontend application is with the Authenticator component, which provides a customizable UI and complete authentication flows.

To sign a user out of your application use the signOut API.

import { signOut } from 'aws-amplify/auth';
await signOut();

You can also sign out users from all devices by performing a global sign-out. This will also invalidate all refresh tokens issued to a user. The user's current access and ID tokens will remain valid on other devices until the refresh token expires (access and ID tokens expire one hour after they are issued).

import { signOut } from 'aws-amplify/auth';
await signOut({ global: true });

Practical Example

import { Amplify } from "aws-amplify"
import { signOut } from "aws-amplify/auth"
import outputs from "../amplify_outputs.json"
export default function App() {
async function handleSignOut() {
await signOut()
return (
<button type="button" onClick={handleSignOut}>
Sign out