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Page updated Apr 29, 2024


Non-sensitive configurations of your Amplify backend can be securely shared with Amplify by running the command

amplify diagnose --send-report

The CLI collects non-sensitive files from your Amplify backend into a zip file and transmits it to a secure location. Below are the files CLI collects, transmits and stores:

  • backend-config.json: Includes all the categories that were provided in the project.
  • CloudFormation files: CLI generated CloudFormation files that are used to provide resources.
  • cli.json: The feature flag configuration.
  • amplify.state: Internal metadata on how to invoke the function category.
  • parameters.json and cli-inputs.json.
  • schema.graphql or schema folder that are part of the GraphQL API.
  • override.ts provides any custom extensions to the CloudFormation.
  • Function category dependency information stored in package files.

After the zip file is transmitted successfully the current project’s unique identifier is printed. The identifier is used to access the zip file for debugging purposes by the support engineer.

Project Identifier: 56b5981ed6cf5caad90fb2f8aed150e2

Automatic Report Sharing

To help improve Amplify CLI you can opt in to automatically share your project configurations with Amplify CLI on failures. The is a project level setting and can be toggled per project. The project can opt out by running

amplify diagnose --auto-send-off

and opt in by

amplify diagnose --auto-send-on

The CLI collects two extra files including the files below and the files collected using amplify diagnose --send-report

  • Error details: Including the stack trace, message and error name.
  • CloudFormation updates when an amplify push is invoked.


In transit the zip file is encrypted using a public encrypt and private decrypt scheme. At rest the files are stored with AES 256 bit encryption. The files are retained for 60 days within which the files are marked for deletion. The files are solely used for debugging purposes and are not shared beyond the team.