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Page updated Apr 29, 2024

Set up in-app messaging


Make sure you have completed the below steps:

Create backend resources

After completing prerequisite steps above, proceed with creating backend resources for use with In-App Messaging via the CLI.

amplify add notifications
? Choose the notification channel to enable … (Use arrow keys or type to filter)
APNS |  Apple Push Notifications
FCM | » Firebase Push Notifications
❯ In-App Messaging
? Provide your pinpoint resource name: (inappmessaging)
? Apps need authorization to send analytics events.
Do you want to allow guests and unauthenticated
users to send analytics events?
(we recommend you allow this when getting started) (Y/n)
✔ The In-App Messaging channel has been successfully enabled.

Now that your In-App Messaging channel is enabled, you can now push the changes to the cloud.

amplify push