Amplify has re-imagined the way frontend developers build fullstack applications. Develop and deploy without the hassle.

Amplify Documentation

AWS Amplify is everything frontend developers need to develop and deploy cloud-powered fullstack applications without hassle. Easily connect your frontend to the cloud for data modeling, authentication, storage, serverless functions, SSR app deployment, and more.

Build fullstack apps with your framework of choice

You can use AWS Amplify with popular web and mobile frameworks like JavaScript, Flutter, Swift, and React. Build, connect, and host fullstack apps on AWS. Get started by selecting your preferred framework.


Code-first DX

The fullstack TypeScript developer experience lets you focus on your app code instead of infrastructure.

Fullstack Git deployments

Deploy your frontend and backend together on every code commit. Your Git branch is the source of truth.

Faster local development

Per-developer cloud sandbox environments let you quickly iterate during development.


Diagram showing a software development environment setup with two distinct sandbox environments linked to one Git repo which is connected to the Amplify console which has deployed versions of the Dev and Main branches of the application



import * as sns from 'aws-cdk-lib/aws-sns';
import * as sqs from 'aws-cdk-lib/aws-sqs';
import { defineBackend } from '@aws-amplify/backend';
import { auth } from './auth/resource';
import { data } from './data/resource';
const backend = defineBackend({
const customResourceStack = backend.createStack('MyCustomResources');
new sqs.Queue(customResourceStack, 'CustomQueue');
new sns.Topic(customResourceStack, 'CustomTopic');