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Page updated Apr 29, 2024


If you need functionality in the AWS services used by the Amplify Predictions category that isn't available, we provide an escape hatch so you can get a reference to that service. For example, to get a reference to AWSRekognition:

guard let predictionsPlugin = try Amplify.Predictions.getPlugin(for: "awsPredictionsPlugin") as? AWSPredictionsPlugin else {
print("Unable to cast to AWSPredictionsPlugin")
let rekognitionClient = predictionsPlugin.getEscapeHatch(key: .rekognition)
let request = CreateCollectionInput()
let output = try await rekognitionClient.createCollection(input: request)

In addition to AWSRekognition, this same pattern can be used to get access to AWSTranslate, AWSPolly, AWSTranscribeStreaming, AWSComprehend, and AWSTextract. For example:

let translateClient = predictionsPlugin.getEscapeHatch(key: .translate)
let pollyClient = predictionsPlugin.getEscapeHatch(key: .polly)
let comprehendClient = predictionsPlugin.getEscapeHatch(key: .comprehend)
let textractClient = predictionsPlugin.getEscapeHatch(key: .textract)

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