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Page updated Apr 29, 2024

Override feature enablement migration

Amplify CLI version 7 and above has been updated to give developers the ability to override Amplify-generated IAM, Cognito, and S3 configuration to best meet app requirements. With the new override capability, developers can easily configure their backend with Amplify-provided defaults but still customize fine-grained resource settings.

The new overrides capabilities or any future resource changes modifies the file structures of your Amplify project under the hood. Projects created before Amplify CLI version 7 require a migration. It is recommended to test this migration in a non-production environment first, without any updates to the app:

  1. amplify add env test
  2. amplify override <api|auth|project|storage> or amplify update <api|auth|project|storage>
  3. Answer "y" to migrate your resources
  4. amplify push
  5. Test your app scenarios now with this test environment

Once verified, switch to your original environment amplify env checkout <env-name> and apply the override migration by either running amplify override <category> or amplify update <category>.