Amplify has re-imagined the way frontend developers build fullstack applications. Develop and deploy without the hassle.

Page updated Mar 23, 2024


AWS Amplify is a complete solution that lets frontend web and mobile developers easily build, connect, and host fullstack applications on AWS, with the flexibility to leverage the breadth of AWS services as your use cases evolve. Amplify provides the following products to build fullstack iOS, Android, Flutter, Web, and React Native apps. These products are all designed to work independently:

  • Amplify CLI - Configure all the services needed to power your backend through a simple command line interface.
  • Amplify Libraries - Client libraries to build common use cases such as Auth, data, and File Storage by connecting your frontend app to your backend resources.
  • Amplify Studio - Build your fullstack web and mobile app using a simple and intuitive visual development environment.
  • Amplify UI Components - UI libraries to build your frontend app built for React, React Native, Angular, Vue and Flutter.
  • Amplify Hosting is an AWS service that provides a git-based workflow for continuous deployment & hosting of fullstack web apps.

What you'll build

Amplify Flutter supports all Flutter platforms as targets (iOS, Android, Web, Windows, macOS, and Linux).

The DataStore and Notifications categories only support iOS/Android currently.

This tutorial guides you through setting up a backend and integrating that backend with your Flutter app. You will create a fully featured budget management app using the API and Auth categories to store and retrieve items in your cloud backend.

This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of Flutter basics.

What you will do:

  • Set up a Flutter application configured with Amplify
  • Create a data model and persist data with Amplify API
  • Add a sign-up/sign-in flow with Amplify Auth

Start the Tutorial

Use Amplify Studio to get started with Amplify. Get started

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