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Page updated Apr 24, 2024

Email domain filtering

You can use defineAuth and defineFunction to create a Cognito pre sign-up Lambda trigger that performs filtering based on the user's email address. This can allow or deny user signups based on their email address.

To get started, install the aws-lambda package, which is used to define the handler type.

npm add --save-dev @types/aws-lambda

Next, create a new directory and a resource file, amplify/auth/pre-sign-up/resource.ts. Then, define the Function with defineFunction:

import { defineFunction } from '@aws-amplify/backend';
export const preSignUp = defineFunction({
name: 'pre-sign-up',
// optionally define an environment variable for your filter
environment: {

Next, create the corresponding handler file, amplify/auth/pre-sign-up/handler.ts, file with the following contents:

import type { PreSignUpTriggerHandler } from 'aws-lambda';
import { env } from '$amplify/env/pre-sign-up';
export const handler: PreSignUpTriggerHandler = async (event) => {
const email = event.request.userAttributes['email'];
if (!email.endsWith(env.ALLOW_DOMAIN)) {
throw new Error('Invalid email domain');
return event;

Lastly, set the newly created Function resource on your auth resource:

import { defineAuth } from '@aws-amplify/backend';
import { preSignUp } from './pre-sign-up/resource';
export const auth = defineAuth({
// ...
triggers: {

After deploying the changes, whenever a user attempts to sign up without an email address they will receive an error.