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Page updated Apr 29, 2024

Transcribe audio to text

Set up the backend

If you haven't already done so, run amplify init inside your project and then amplify add auth (we recommend selecting the default configuration).

Run amplify add predictions and select Convert. Then use the following answers:

? What would you like to convert? (Use arrow keys)
Translate text into a different language
Generate speech audio from text
> Transcribe text from audio
? Who should have access? Auth and Guest users

Now run amplify push which will generate your aws-exports.js and create resources in the cloud. You can now either add this to your backend or skip and add more features to your app.

Services used: Amazon Transcribe

Working with the API

You can transcribe a PCM Audio byte buffer to Text, such as a recording from microphone.

transcription: {
source: {
// language: "en-US",
.then(({ transcription: { fullText } }) => console.log({ fullText }))
.catch((err) => console.log({ err }));

To view the complete list of all the supported languages and language specific features refer to the supported languages list. The language data input type has to support streaming for it to work with Amplify Predictions.