Page updated Jan 12, 2024

Amplify Docs (Gen 2) Preview

Preview: A new code-first DX (Gen 2) for building backends

Amplify has reimagined the way frontend developers build fullstack applications on AWS. With this next generation of Amplify’s backend-building experience, you can author your frontend and backend definition completely with TypeScript, a file convention, and Git branch-based environments.

Works with popular languages and frameworks

  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Next
  • Vue
  • Angular
  • React Native
Looking for the Amplify tooling-first (Gen 1) docs?

You are currently viewing the preview code-first DX (Gen 2) docs. Visit the tooling-first (Gen 1) docs .


Code-first DX

The code-first developer experience is a new approach that lets you focus on your app code instead of infrastructure.

Fullstack Git deployments

Fullstack deployments from your Git branch. Deploy your frontend and backend together on every code commit.

Faster local development

Per-developer cloud sandbox environments let you quickly iterate during development.


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import * as sns from 'aws-cdk-lib/aws-sns'; import * as sqs from 'aws-cdk-lib/aws-sqs'; import { defineBackend } from '@aws-amplify/backend'; import { auth } from './auth/resource.js'; import { data } from './data/resource.js'; const backend = defineBackend({ auth, data }); const customResourceStack = backend.createStack('MyCustomResources'); new sqs.Queue(customResourceStack, 'CustomQueue'); new sns.Topic(customResourceStack, 'CustomTopic');
1import * as sns from 'aws-cdk-lib/aws-sns';
2import * as sqs from 'aws-cdk-lib/aws-sqs';
3import { defineBackend } from '@aws-amplify/backend';
4import { auth } from './auth/resource.js';
5import { data } from './data/resource.js';
7const backend = defineBackend({
8 auth,
9 data
12const customResourceStack = backend.createStack('MyCustomResources');
14new sqs.Queue(customResourceStack, 'CustomQueue');
15new sns.Topic(customResourceStack, 'CustomTopic');