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Page updated May 21, 2024

Enable rich notifications

Amplify Flutter v1 is now in Maintenance Mode until April 30th, 2025. This means that we will continue to include updates to ensure compatibility with backend services and security. No new features will be introduced in v1.

Please use the latest version (v2) of Amplify Flutter to get started.

If you are currently using v1, follow these instructions to upgrade to v2.

On Android, Amplify Push Notifications should already be configured to handle rich content for you.

Amplify currently supports adding images to your notifications, but there are some additional steps required.

Create a Notification Service Extension

  1. Open <your-app-name>.xcworkspace located inside the /ios folder of your application project with Xcode.

  2. In the Xcode project, select File > New > Target...

The file menu is selected in the toolbar, then the new option is selected, then the target option.

  1. Select Notification Service Extension > Next.

The notification service extension option is selected in the new target popup.

  1. Enter a name for your service extension (e.g. MyNotificationServiceExtension) and select Finish.

Form for the new target options.

Provide the extension with the Amplify service class

  1. Open Podfile located inside the /ios folder of your application project with a text editor.

  2. Add AmplifyUtilsNotifications to the extension you created above.

target 'MyNotificationServiceExtension' do # Replace with your service extension
pod "AmplifyUtilsNotifications"
  1. Install the new pods by running pod install in the ios/ of your application project.

Note: You will first need to install Cocoapods to enable the pod command.

cd ios
pod install
  1. Open <your-app-name>.xcworkspace located inside the /ios folder of your application project with Xcode.

  2. Find your extension folder in the Project navigator pane and select the Info Property List.

Extension info

  1. Update the NSExtensionPrincipalClass property with the value AmplifyUtilsNotifications.AUNotificationService.

Extension class