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Page updated May 16, 2024

View logs

Log messages are sent to the Amazon CloudWatch log group that you created and specified in the initial set up. Each user log messages can be found in user-specific log stream in the log group. Log stream names are generated based on the user's device identifier and a user identifier. For an authenticated user, the log stream name is <device-identifier>.<user-identifier>. For an unauthenticated user, the log stream name is <device-identifier>.guest.

The device identifier is the unique identifier provided by the user's hardware device and OS. You can use the Amplify Auth category to retrieve the user identifier for a specific user if needed. You can also retrieve the user identifier by visiting the Amazon Cognito console and inspecting the User ID in User pools.

View logs in AWS console

You can follow the following steps to access your logs in AWS Console:

  1. Log into AWS Console
  2. Navigate to Amazon CloudWatch
  3. In the left navigation panel and under the Logs menu, click the Log groups menu item.
  4. In the Log groups window, enter your log group name in the Filter field
  5. Click on your log group that is returned in the filtered results to view all log streams