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Page updated Apr 29, 2024


The AWS Amplify I18n module is a lightweight internationalization solution.


import { I18n } from 'aws-amplify';

Working with the API


Sets the active language.


In the browser, Amplify detects browser language automatically. For mobile you may want to use other libraries to detect the language, and then set it using Amplify in your code.


You can create your custom dictionary and set it as your vocabularies in your app. Dictionary is a JavaScript object that you can implement with different terms and languages.

const dict = {
fr: {
'Sign In': 'Se connecter',
'Sign Up': "S'inscrire"
es: {
'Sign In': 'Registrarse',
'Sign Up': 'Regístrate'


Retrieves a phrase from the dictionary for the active language. If the phrase does not have an entry in the dictionary, the original parameter value will be returned.

I18n.get('Sign In');