Page updated Nov 9, 2023

Identify user

Amplify Android v1 is now in Maintenance Mode until May 31st, 2024. This means that we will continue to include updates to ensure compatibility with backend services and security. No new features will be introduced in v1.

Please use the latest version (v2) of Amplify Library for Android to get started.

If you are currently using v1, follow these instructions to upgrade to v2.

This call sends information that you have specified about the user to Amazon Pinpoint. This could be for an unauthenticated or an authenticated user.

In addition, customProperties and userAttributes can also be provided when invoking identifyUser. The Amazon Pinpoint console makes that data available as part of the criteria for segment creation. Attributes passed in via customProperties will appear under Custom Endpoint Attributes, while userAttributes will appear under Custom User Attributes. See the Pinpoint documentation for more information on segment creation.

You can get the current user's ID from the Amplify Auth category as shown below. Be sure you have it added and setup per the Auth category documentation.

If you have asked for location access and received permission, you can also provide that in UserProfile.Location.

UserProfile.Location location = UserProfile.Location.builder() .latitude(47.606209) .longitude(-122.332069) .postalCode("98122") .city("Seattle") .region("WA") .country("USA") .build(); AnalyticsProperties customProperties = AnalyticsProperties.builder() .add("property1", "Property value") .build(); AnalyticsProperties userAttributes = AnalyticsProperties.builder() .add("someUserAttribute", "User attribute value") .build(); AWSPinpointUserProfile profile = AWSPinpointUserProfile.builder() .name("test-user") .email("") .plan("test-plan") .location(location) .customProperties(customProperties) .userAttributes(userAttributes) .build(); String userId = Amplify.Auth.getCurrentUser().getUserId(); Amplify.Analytics.identifyUser(userId, profile);
1UserProfile.Location location = UserProfile.Location.builder()
2 .latitude(47.606209)
3 .longitude(-122.332069)
4 .postalCode("98122")
5 .city("Seattle")
6 .region("WA")
7 .country("USA")
8 .build();
10AnalyticsProperties customProperties = AnalyticsProperties.builder()
11 .add("property1", "Property value")
12 .build();
14AnalyticsProperties userAttributes = AnalyticsProperties.builder()
15 .add("someUserAttribute", "User attribute value")
16 .build();
18AWSPinpointUserProfile profile = AWSPinpointUserProfile.builder()
19 .name("test-user")
20 .email("")
21 .plan("test-plan")
22 .location(location)
23 .customProperties(customProperties)
24 .userAttributes(userAttributes)
25 .build();
27String userId = Amplify.Auth.getCurrentUser().getUserId();
29Amplify.Analytics.identifyUser(userId, profile);