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Enable sign-in, sign-up and sign-out within minutes with pre-built UI components and powerful authentication APIs


A simple mechanism for managing user content in public, protected or private storage


Easy and secure solution to access your backend data with support for real-time updates using GraphQL


Seamlessly synchronize and persist online & offline data to the cloud as well as across devices


A straightforward and secure solution for making HTTP requests using REST APIs


Make informed decisions with drop-in analytics to track user sessions, custom user attributes and in-app metrics

Push Notifications

Drive customer engagement using push notifications with campaign analytics and targeting


Engage your customers in a different dimension with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) content within your app


Provide best-in-class real-time experiences by connecting your application with a message-oriented middleware in the cloud


Automate customer workflows by enlisting the help of conversational chatbots powered by deep learning technologies

AI / ML Predictions

Design delightful experiences with the power of AI and ML functionality such as computer vision, translation, transcription and more

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